Controllerism Aug 15, 2014
Glad to see DJTT is taking steps to become the first company to productize a jambox. Nice work Ean et al. Viva collaborative-controllerism!
Controllerism Aug 15, 2014
Q&A and more on the Ableton blog
Controllerism Aug 15, 2014
Novation has added a new member to the Launch family of controllers – Launch Control XL! It’s a Launchpad sized controller with 24 knobs, 8 faders, and 16 buttons. First – a performance: Now, an explanation: I don’t recall seeing “official” pricing or release date(s),...
Controllerism Aug 15, 2014
I’m thrilled to announce that my Live Remashing project is now “open source”. Now you can download an updated version of the Ableton Live template featured in the popular video that was so pivotal in coining the term controllerism: “Moldover’s Approach to Controllerism”. I’ve included...
Controllerism Aug 15, 2014
Cotracks is a new iPad app that brings serious jambox design to the tablet PC format. The morphable 1-player/2-player/4-player layout, and the intuitive drag-and-drop interface are great examples of what touch-screens can do so well. I’m excited that a company like Futucraft has finally brought...
Controllerism Aug 15, 2014
In late 2012, our inaugural “Controllerist Feature” profiled NYC-based performer, Rheyne. At the time, I was fairly new to the controllerism scene and (regrettably) not familiar with Rheyne or his work, but thanks to that write-up I immediately became hooked. I have many a fond memory of...
Controllerism Aug 15, 2014
My cell phone is the ultimate facilitator. It essentially has the power to dictate what kind of day I’ll have. For instance, if it dies on me while I’m traveling, or I get some sort of troubling message; the day will probably be a pretty...
Controllerism Aug 15, 2014
A few months ago Roland announced it’s AIRA series of products - a line of creative tools including a drum machine, a voice transformer, a bass synth, and the System-1 synthesizer.  A hardware synth with some pretty interesting internal capabilities. First and foremost – it comes...
Controllerism Aug 15, 2014
The NAMM show is an annual gathering of music manufacturers and retailers in Anaheim California. It attracts a huge chunk of the larger entertainment industry on top of those core business people, resulting in a rather astonishing display of music-making business mayhem, rivaled only by...
Controllerism Aug 15, 2014
Check out this well chilled improvised performance by Perplex On, using Ableton Live with Push, Maschine, a toy music box and Samplr running on an iPad: Everyone knows I’m a big fan of chilled beats, and this is by far one of the most magical...
Controllerism Nov 21, 2013
Ableton’s just released a new version of Live 9, addressing a couple of user complaints that have been making the rounds through forums and feedback for years, the main one being multi-monitor support. They’ve also added some new features for Push, including a melodic step...
Controllerism Nov 14, 2013
I am thrilled to announce the Kickstarter campaign for my most ambitious project yet, FOUR TRACK. The video at the link above tells the story of the album, showcases my new instruments, and includes demos and live performances of the new music. It also includes...
Controllerism Nov 14, 2013
  Whether you know him as a performance virtuoso, a serial contest winner, the first person to leak the news of Ableton Live 9, a YouTube legend, or the editor of this website – chances are if you’re familiar with controllerism you’ve probably heard of...
Controllerism Nov 14, 2013
To all you producers out there trying to make dubstep all complicated-like with your sound design and polyrhytms, following tutorials and spending days on a track: you’ve all been had. This is how you do it:
Controllerism Oct 6, 2013
Today I will show you how to make super-awesome-real-time-rendered-visuals to accompany your controllerism set! Of course there are many many many ways to do this, some may be easier ( take a look at vvvv or max msp with jitter) but we will be looking...
Controllerism Oct 6, 2013
Today is the birthday of insane LA-based live mash-up artist and long time  friend of Rahfee Zahkee. It’s about time we showed the guy some love, since there have been talks about an interview with him for months.  Here he is killin’ it at...
Controllerism Oct 6, 2013
Years before I published the Moldover’s Approach to Controllerism video that made the term “controllerism” famous, Tim Exile was neck-deep in the practice of this dark art. In 2005 Native Instruments published a video of Tim showing off his amazing Reaktor-based performance rig. This video was the...
Controllerism Oct 6, 2013
Editor’s Note: Sam Ives a.k.a. Xenomma talks about upgrading his home setup from a table with a bunch of controllers on it to a fully fledged studio desk in his journey to building the ultimate controllerist home studio in part one of this “Building a...
Controllerism Oct 6, 2013
In a world where just about everything you need is a few mouse-clicks away (a pizza, an education, MIDI commands, a date, etc.) it’s really easy to take things for granted. More often than not, things that are taken for granted are usually not missed...
Controllerism Oct 6, 2013
Start of the week with this awesome performance by Jeremy Ellis which is, to my knowledge, the only full show of his that was committed to video, on  the web right now. Do you know any other full Jeremy Ellis shows? More recent ones, even?...
Controllerism Oct 6, 2013
  This isn’t the first time we’re doing a pic of the week of Tim Exile, but we’ve got a soft spot for pure epicness, so there’s no way we can pass up this opportunity.  Here’s Tim Exile performing with the Heritage Orchestra at Blank...
Controllerism Oct 6, 2013
Seriously? Launchkey Mini, then the mini-sized Launch Control, now this? It seems Novation has had these rapid fire announcements planned for quite some time now. And I think they’ll make a killing with them. The Launchpad Mini is like a chibi version of the Launchpad S...
Controllerism Oct 6, 2013
A few months ago Phutureprimitive hosted a Google+ Hangout session that I happened to attend. In it he was asked a wide variety of questions ranging from questions about gear to questions about crazy tour memories. One thing that stood out to me was his...
Controllerism Oct 6, 2013
It’s been a good week in controllerism-land! Just yesterday Novation revealed their newest addition to the Launchkey line-up – LaunchKey Mini and today they’ve revealed yet another new controller – Launch Control! Novation’s Launch Control is being touted as the perfect companion to the Launchpad....
Controllerism Aug 16, 2013
The awesome dudes over at Keith McMillen are apparently enjoying some well-deserved success with their latest micro keyboard controller, the QuNexus. Check out their “quality assurance test” video that this screenshot is from to see just how much of a tough motherf$&@er the QuNexus is and how...
Controllerism Aug 16, 2013
Written by Bandesnaci Illustrated by Light&Shadow Smith
Controllerism Aug 16, 2013
The music production and performance community has been abuzz about Bitwig Studio since it was announced more than a year ago. A lot of the more recent online discussions about it have been centered on whether or not it actually exists and whether or not...
Controllerism Aug 16, 2013
Coming in hot on the heels of the recently released Z1, the folks over at Native Instruments are quick to stir up excitement again with the reveal of the new and improved Traktor Kontrol X1! The original X1 was a game changer for Traktor (and...
Controllerism Aug 16, 2013
Start off the week with this cool live performance/music video mash-up, M4SONIC’s first Ultra Records release! Now, there are a million questions about the guy going around on forums and comment sections internet-wide. Has M4SONIC been signed to Ultra Music? We only ever get to...
Controllerism Aug 16, 2013
Every music scene has a style element to it: punk rock, grunge, disco, drum’n'bass, so lately I’ve been trying to generate enthusiasm for fashion in the Controllerism community! I was recently asked to design a pair of leggings for the Burning Artists Collective and the...
Controllerism Aug 16, 2013
Ever looked at off-the-shelf controllers and went “This isn’t what I’m looking for…” ? Turns out, a lot of people have. Most of us end up either hoarding dozens of pieces of gear to try out in our constant quest for being one with the...
Controllerism Aug 16, 2013
I can’t, for the life of me, remember where I found this. Moldover’s Facebook, perhaps? I dunno. But he’s got his Robocaster, his MOJO right in front of him, a laptop and even his Musical Supervillain cape. Even the sideburns are right on the money....
Controllerism Aug 16, 2013
Our most enthusiastic contributor Sunny Haair made a video comparing the two models of Launchpad from Novation in existence at this point: the old Novation Launchpad and the Launchpad S. As you may know, the Launchpad S boasts a few improvements over the old Launchpad,...
Controllerism Aug 16, 2013
Like many others, I was in awe when I saw J.viewz playing “Teardrop” with vegetables earlier this year. After re-watching the video for about a week, I spent some time researching this “MaKey MaKey” thing he mentioned so that I could find out what was...
Controllerism Jun 1, 2013
It’s rare to see computers playing along to musicians on stage. In this brilliant demonstration at TEDxUmassAmherst, Owen Biddle and Zach Danziger of Mister Barrington mix audio and MIDI together so that you can’t tell where analog ends and digital begins. As … Continue reading
Controllerism May 14, 2013
A few weeks ago I stumbled across a cool script that turned the Novation Launchpad into an Ableton Push emulator. I studied the download page for it real hard in hopes of finding out more about it. And I did! … Continue reading
Controllerism May 14, 2013
Thanks to Thavius Beck, I recently came across this cool script for the Novation Launchpad (and its new version, the Launchpad S) that turns it into a mini Ableton Push. It’s painless to download and install, and a lot of … Continue reading
Controllerism May 12, 2013
A few weeks ago I stumbled across a cool script that turned the Novation Launchpad into an Ableton Push emulator. I studied the download page for it real hard in hopes of finding out more about it. And I did! … Continue reading
Controllerism May 11, 2013
Want to try your hand at remixing a Moldover track? It’s not going to get much easier than this! All the sounds plus synchronized videos for SAY IT have been released as an Ableton Live pack. Chop up audio and … Continue reading
Controllerism Apr 27, 2013
Finally! I managed to put together the third podcast. This one’s a bit of a departure from the exclusively electronic music thing, mostly because I really thought the tracks fit together in an interesting way. We all love British … Continue reading
Controllerism Apr 27, 2013
So Beardyman’s apparently talking about hooking up the legendary Herbie Hancock with a version of his amazing Beardytron 5000 live performance system.
Controllerism Apr 26, 2013
Well, here’s an unlikely collaboration. Imogen Heap teamed up with Joel Zimmerman a couple of months ago and produced the deeply chilled track “Telemiscommunications”. Imogen crowdsourced the video for the song, choosing 20 unique animators to work on it in … Continue reading
Controllerism Apr 24, 2013
Ableton Certified Trainer Christopher Willits has just started a YouTube video series called CREATE, where he explores and explains tools that he uses and that capture his imagination. His second episode focuses on the Ableton Push note mode, where the … Continue reading
Controllerism Apr 23, 2013
Thanks to Thavius Beck, I recently came across this cool script for the Novation Launchpad that turns it into a mini Ableton Push. It’s painless to download and install, and a lot of fun to use. I’ve got a Push, … Continue reading
Controllerism Apr 22, 2013
One of our favorite LA controllerists, Yeuda Ben-Atar a.k.a. Side Brain‘s recently finished filming a live performance with Ableton Live tutorial for Fortunately, there’s also a video demonstrating his skills and it’s free to watch on’s Youtube channel … Continue reading
Controllerism Apr 20, 2013
Time for some shameless self-promotion. However, shameless or not, there aren’t a lot of Ableton Push videos on the interwebs yet, thanks to the overwhelming demand for it and Ableton backlogging orders until August. Although Ableton are currently showcasing community … Continue reading
Controllerism Apr 15, 2013
It’s easy to get lost in all of today’s flashy gear and high-budget promos, but just a few years ago, the only way to get our tools to have some of the features a lot of us of us currently … Continue reading
Controllerism Apr 14, 2013
Want a Robocaster but can’t afford it? No problem! Our top contributor Sunny Haair’s figured out a way to use a MaKey-MaKey to augment a regular electric guitar.
Controllerism Apr 9, 2013
The Beardytron has landed. After a year and a half of sly references and teasing, we finally get to see Beardyman’s awesome new custom live rig. There is nothing more to say, really. I, for one, am a bit awestruck.
Controllerism Apr 8, 2013
20 years ago, the original Novation Bass Station was rocking dance floors with rich, meaty bass sounds that helped define the ’90s dance scene. Based on that, Novation have just finished reinventing the monosynth into the Bass Station II, which … Continue reading
Controllerism Apr 6, 2013
Here’s an incredibly awesome pic of Roger Linn and Dave Smith jamming at the March 2013 San Francisco Electronic Music Meetup. Photo courtesy of Carson Day and Animusic SF.
Controllerism Apr 4, 2013
Novation have just released the new and improved version of the Launchpad, now brighter and class compliant (so no more pesky drivers). Watch Matt Derbyshire a.k.a. KillTheRobot create an amazing live music and light show out of it below:
Controllerism Apr 4, 2013
In late 2011 when I was just discovering controllerism, one of the most interesting things I came across was a piece DJ Shakey wrote covering this cool custom made horn claw controller that Patrick Flanagan made for use with his … Continue reading
Controllerism Apr 2, 2013
Look, I know we’ve been telling you about how awesome Ableton Live is and all that jazz… but today I feel like I’m finally about to break. I need to tell you guys the truth about controllerism! Everything we’ve told … Continue reading
Controllerism Mar 31, 2013
Our series of monthly features focuses on different controllerists from around the world that are either pushing the envelope of electronic music and live performance in some way or another, or accomplished performers with an unmistakable sound. (Yes, I know we … Continue reading
Controllerism Mar 29, 2013
You’ve probably heard of Ableton Push by now, but have you heard that the initial Push prototypes were built with Lego pieces? In a recent interview with Push co-creator Jesse Terry revealed that early prototypes were built with MIDI … Continue reading
Controllerism Mar 27, 2013
Check out this cool video of Livid’s founder Jay Smith having a chat with Moldover about his controllers, controllerism, the electronic music performance scene and a bunch of other stuff.
Controllerism Mar 25, 2013
Start off the week with a video from DJTechTools sensation Mad Zach, promoting his latest volume of high-quality sound packs. This is a cool video to watch not only if you’re planning to buy the full pack and see what … Continue reading
Controllerism Mar 22, 2013
We’ve featured the Buenos Aires-based company of experimentalists Yaeltex here before. They’re currently working on a massively epic controller series titled Metropolis, which will consist of 5 pieces of gear: Manchester (pictured above while being built), Athens, Belfast, Milan and Damascus. … Continue reading
Controllerism Mar 22, 2013
A few weeks ago Native Instruments began teasing us with short videos. First giving us a sneak peak of an upcoming synth. Then uploading a vague video featuring some samples. Now, we no longer have to speculate, because along with revealing … Continue reading
Controllerism Mar 22, 2013
Introducing the second installment of our monthly podcast series. Included is a picture of myself acting weird. Why, you ask? You know… because of the face. This time, we feature the likes of Jeremy Ellis, Aphex Twin and Side Brain … Continue reading
Controllerism Mar 22, 2013
For those of you who didn’t know, Onyx Ashanti is nuts. Start off the week with this: You can read about what he talks about wanting to build here. His Indiegogo crowd funding campaign focuses on raising money to build … Continue reading
Controllerism Mar 22, 2013
Max Mathews was called “The Father of Computer Music”, and is the reason Max is named Max. In case you don’t know about him, I highly encourage you to check him out. he’s done some very, very awesome stuff during … Continue reading
Controllerism Mar 22, 2013
Reason has been a longtime favorite of many producers, so Propellerhead‘s announcement of the upcoming Reason 7 has created waves of excitement among musicians. “The Reason rack has seen an exponential growth over the last few years with the introduction … Continue reading
Controllerism Mar 22, 2013
The folks over at Native Instruments have just released a short video that gives us a sneak peak of an upcoming addition to the world of Komplete. “The sound of the 21st century comes wrapped in a futuristic user interface, … Continue reading
Controllerism Mar 3, 2013
It doesn’t get much more minimal than this. Julien Bayle’s a virtuoso coder and lover of all things minimal. In case you don’t remember him, he was the focus of our last controllerist feature. Besides being one of the few … Continue reading
Controllerism Feb 28, 2013
With all the latest and greatest technology announcements at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, you may have overlooked the USB 3.0 Promoter Group announcing that USB 3.0 speeds will double to 10Gbps. With the future of both Thunderbolt and FireWire … Continue reading
Controllerism Feb 27, 2013
We’ve been invited to cover the Code Control festival, hosted by the Phoenix Arts Center in Leicester, UK on March 23rd and 24th. The whole thing’s organized in collaboration with Cycling ’74, so there’s more than a good chance that … Continue reading
Controllerism Feb 25, 2013
Starting off this week is this little routine done by French controllerist Steo Le Panda, using Liine’s Lemur running on an iPad and controlling Ableton Live 8. Although the timing isn’t perfect, I know I’d sound way worse if trying … Continue reading
Controllerism Feb 25, 2013
I know it’s kinda old news, but for those of you who didn’t know, Imogen Heap is awesome. Besides innovating live music performance and helping establish the image of the live solo artist (as in being alone on stage and … Continue reading
Controllerism Feb 22, 2013
A cool Effects Rack for Ableton Live featuring eight one-knob effects has been made available by musician and Ableton Certified Trainer Yehezkel Raz. The effects are: DROP ME - pitch drop CHOP ME - 8-step chopper ECHO ME - reverberation HIGH - high-pass filter … Continue reading
Controllerism Feb 21, 2013
Native Instruments has welcomed a new member to the Traktor family in the form of an iPad app. Traktor DJ introduces the heavy-hitting world of Traktor to iOS users with an easy to use mixing application that loads your iTunes … Continue reading
Controllerism Feb 19, 2013
I discovered J. Viewz while looking for controllerism performance videos about two years ago. The first thing of his that I saw is this, and it made me into a fan instantly. He’s only just posted the following video on … Continue reading
Controllerism Feb 15, 2013
Meet Hermutt Lobby, a collective of electronic musicians that has been innovating beat making and performing sick tracks since 2003. The most notable fact for us is that they play beats with faders. And they also have an iPad app … Continue reading
Controllerism Feb 15, 2013
Ableton have officially announced March 5th as the date of release for Live 9, the newest version of their flagship product. Besides making the announcement on their website and making my heart skip a beat (“OMG! So soon?”), they’ve also uploaded a … Continue reading
Controllerism Feb 12, 2013
Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the first episode of our new monthly podcast, titled “Beyond Control”. Starting this year, we’re introducing a series of interned radio episodes dedicated to awesome music and news occasionally interrupted by a … Continue reading
Controllerism Feb 11, 2013
Ignacio Gracián is a musician/composer/guitarist from Buenos Aires, Argentina with a uniquely refreshing and minimal approach to controllerism. With a set-up consisting of a Macbook running Ableton, an iPad running Lemur, and a guitar utilizing the New Standard Tuning, his music is created … Continue reading
Controllerism Jan 30, 2013
Long-time MIDI guitar creators Starr Labs have been making amazing tools since 1993, but have only in recent years been starting to get more attention, thanks to artists such as Lou Reed and The Chemical brothers picking up their instruments … Continue reading
Controllerism Jan 30, 2013
The Launchkey is the latest release from Novation, being marketed as “the next generation” instrument for computer and iPad. Sporting 16 velocity sensitive Launchpad-style pads, as well as 8 potentiometers, 9 faders (only 1 on the 25-key version)and a bunch … Continue reading
Controllerism Jan 28, 2013
Moldover teamed up with Video Guitar creators Visionary Instruments to create the final version of the “(!)” signature Robocaster, a guitar that’s been two years in the making. Here it is, demonstrated at this year’s Winter NAMM. Video courtesy of Digital DJ Tips.
Controllerism Jan 24, 2013
Following up on a recent teaser announcement, the people at Livid Instruments have revealed their newest controller, Base. Housed in an all aluminum enclosure with no moving parts, Base is a sturdy and impressive piece of hardware. It is a … Continue reading
Controllerism Jan 21, 2013
Just before the end of 2012, we had the pleasure of interviewing the guys over at Greece-based controller creators Vavdo Interfaces. You can admire their beautifully crafted minimal controllers both further into this interview and on their website. What … Continue reading
Controllerism Jan 7, 2013
On my recent trip to Germany I had the chance to meet Stephan Schmitt (founder of Native Instruments) who is working with Daniel Tzschentke at the newly founded Nonlinear Labs. Some wonderful instruments will be coming from that team soon, … Continue reading
Controllerism Dec 18, 2012
Bitwig have just published a video on their YouTube channel demonstrating the use of the NI Maschine as a step sequencer with Bitwig Studio. The description of the video mentions Bitwig’s open controller scripting API as allowing to hack custom … Continue reading
Controllerism Dec 15, 2012
Our series of monthly features focuses on different controllerists from around the world that are either pushing the envelope of electronic music and live performance in some way or another, or accomplished performers with an unmistakable sound. This month we’ve done … Continue reading
Controllerism Dec 11, 2012
There’s a new Ableton Push demo video on the Ableton Youtube Channel, revealing more in-depth information about the workflow when sequencing drums with the new controller. Although previously demonstrated at the Ableton preview event, there haven’t been a lot of details … Continue reading
Controllerism Dec 10, 2012
Andrew Shum first came to our attention with episode 2 of his Beat Challenged series. After making episode 3, however, he took a long break from making videos, fortunately broken with this new episode, where he expertly chops up Korean … Continue reading
Controllerism Dec 6, 2012
Although most major MIDI controller manufacturers and software developers market and sell their products using primarily the English language, creativity, hacking spirit and innovation in controllerism and music technology are obviously not limited to the English-speaking world. The language barrier … Continue reading
Controllerism Dec 5, 2012
Nektar has announced the newest addition to it’s line of Reason integrated keyboard controllers in the form of the Panorama P6. The 61-key P6 essentially expands on Nektar’s wonderfully received June 2012 release, the 49-key Panorama P4. The Panorama will … Continue reading
Controllerism Dec 4, 2012
Originally written on November 29th, 2009. Links updated for context: As a professional DJ, I feel that it is important to not simply practice and stay proficient at what you do, but to stay up on the new technologies and techniques … Continue reading
Controllerism Dec 3, 2012
If you are a fan of downtempo electronic music with solid grooves, be sure to check out “Drift” on Renegade Lights. This upcoming 8 track compilation features a beautiful handmade quality overall. The character of the sound holds an analog … Continue reading
Controllerism Dec 1, 2012
The latest video from former Black Eyed Pea features an impressive number of brands and products (aside from Britney Spears) that includes cameras, cars, a large number of Apple products and even 3D printers. The big surprise, though, is … Continue reading
Controllerism Nov 30, 2012
Highly successful DJ and producer Dennis Ferrer posted this rant to his Facebook page a short while ago, condemning “push-button dj’ing” and auto-beatmatchers: “Push-button dj’ing or “Controller-ism” I suppose is the term for it now. Every time I see this … Continue reading
Controllerism Nov 26, 2012
The DigitalDJTips Youtube channel uploaded this video a few months ago, but the explanation they’re offering for controllerism and button mashing is pretty sensible and relevant, as well as the advice.
Controllerism Nov 24, 2012
Nashville-based instrument designers Artiphon have announced the Instrument 1, a new musical controller designed to work with the iPhone 5. Freshly-released teaser shots of it show glimpses of a design that includes hardwood, a fret board and a guitar pickup. The … Continue reading
Controllerism Nov 18, 2012
ETHNO TEKH | live at Enig’matik Vibrations [Melb,Aus] 2012 from Ethno Tekh on Vimeo. The last time we saw a kinect performance this well developed, it was sponsored by an energy drink company (see The V-Motion Project). Ethno Tekh‘s take … Continue reading
Controllerism Nov 17, 2012
Ableton Certified Trainer Julien Bayle (based in Marseille, France), has had access to the Ableton Live 9 beta version for quite some time now, and he’s had the awesome inspiration of showcasing it via his YouTube channel. This video is … Continue reading
Controllerism Nov 15, 2012
Native Instruments released a new video on their YouTube channel today, unveiling a new format of tracks to be sold via Beatport. This Remix Set is designed to be imported into Traktors new Remix Decks, with different bass, drums, synth … Continue reading
Controllerism Nov 14, 2012
A lot of the tracks I produce are designed to also be performed live or recreated using my controller rig. So instead of pressing play and letting the tracks flow, I create controllerism routines out of them. The best example … Continue reading
Controllerism Nov 12, 2012
We’re starting a series of monthly articles focusing on different controllerists from around the world that are either pushing the envelope of electronic music and live performance in some way or another, or accomplished performers with an unmistakable sound. Our … Continue reading