DJTechTools Mar 28, 2016

Today we’re releasing two more videos from Ean’s series on using the Roland AIRA TR-8 alongside Ableton Live in a live performance setup. The first video focuses on using delay on hi-hats for a fresh livedrummingfeel, while the second shows how just a bit of bit crushing can make rides sound really cool. All of the effectsare MIDI-mapped, turning the TR-8 drum machine into a powerful live instrument!

Performance Drums + Effects: Making A TR-8Hi-Hat Sound Like A Live Drummer

In this video, Ean shows off how just adding a few basic effects to the hi-hat coming out of a Roland AIRA TR-8 can quickly make it sound more like a live drummer. Here’s some of the basic steps that he goes over in the video:

  • Add a Ping Pong delay to the hi-hat channel
  • Map the wet/dry knob in Ableton to the Decay knob on the TR-8, selecting a range that works well without getting excessive
  • Play with the delay time to get a unique swing sound
  • Add an Overdrive effect to the effects chain – mapping the frequency range to the decay.
  • Add a basic EQ Eight to the chain and map a low-end and high-end pass to the decay knob – narrowing down the sounds that come through the mix. Use the spectrograph to find any other frequencies that need to get removed.

Adding Crush+Delay To A909 RideCymbal

Similarly in this video, Ean creates a unique-sounding performance effect just by adding a few effects to the audio chain that are mapped to the decay knob of the 909 ride cymbal sound on the AIRATR-8.

  • Add a Crush effect to the effects chain, playing with the frequency to determine a good-sounding range of frequencies to apply it to.
  • MIDI-map the frequency knob on the effect to the Decay knob on the Roland TR-8
  • Add a Delay effect to the chain, after the Bitcrusher. Map the decay knob to feedback for all three inputs, and volume for the left and right inputs.
  • As with the first video, add an EQ Eight to take out some of the harsher frequencies that develop when layering additive effects.

Gear Used In This Video

Stay tuned to DJTT in the coming weeks for Ean’s performance using all of the techniques from this entire series.

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