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As originally reported by the German site Groove,Soundcloud founder Eric Wahlforss is claiming that DJ mixes can now be legally uploaded. We decided to test out his claims – and today we’re going to start uploading DJ mixes that were previously takendown. Have a mix that you think qualifies? Share alink and we’ll add it to our Soundcloud.

  • DJ mixes with copywritten content are apparently nowlegalon Soundcloud
  • Remixes and mashups are still an unknown grey area
  • We’re uploading mixes that DJs have had taken down to test the new policies
  • Have a mix that was taken down? Email us – detailsat end of thisarticle.

Soundcloud’s Unofficial Change In Policy

The interview that Mr Wahlforss did with Groove is casual (in that there has been no otherofficial announcement of achange to site policies), but specific. Translated (via Google), he shares that as a result of negotiations for the new Soundcloud Go service, mixes are now totally legal to upload on the site:

During the negotiations for our subscription service as well as an agreement was with collecting societies like GEMA achieved in Germany. This means that DJ mixes can now be legally and problem-free on SoundCloud. So this is a very positive news for DJs.

Unfortunately not mentioned was other content that producers have worked hard on and gotten takedown notices for – including bootleg remixes and mashups. Because more details have not come out, it’s very unclear how this will impact creators of that type of content.

We’re also not sure how this will vary from country to country. In fact, the interview gives almostno specifics on how this will be implemented. At the time this article was published, Soundcloud’s press contacts have not responded to a request for details. So we’re going to test it ourselves, right now:

Previously Taken Down DJ Mixes, Reuploaded!

All mixes below were uploaded with permission of the original DJ who made the mix. We’re including the original upload date and a link to the takedown notice if available. We want to add yours! Keep reading…

Orem’s “Tribal Minimix”
Taken down 9/11/12, reuploaded at 1:15PM PST on 12/12/16
“It’s a short (8 min approx) tribal house set recorded from all vinyl and uploaded back in 2012 to Soundcloud. […] Takedown took a little under 3 weeks.”

Steve Brabazon’s “Not Too DAFT After All!”
Taken down11/10/2014, reuploaded at 1:42PM PST on 12/12/16
This mix has a number ofDaft Punk songs in it, so we’ll be interested to see if it is allowed to stay up since these are easily recognizable.

Kid Stylez’s “THE FEELZ”
Taken down6/2/2015, reuploaded at 2:22PM PST on 12/12/16

ASTC’s “2016 : A Groove Odyssey #1”
Original takedown notice, reuploaded at 2:59PM PST on 12/12/16

SKNE’s “SPF60”
Taken down 8/10/2015, reuploaded 4:16PM PST on 12/12/16

Blueshift’s “Dusk Till Done Guestmix”
Original takedown notice, reuploaded at 6:15PM PST on 12/12/16

Ilir Soleil’s “Live @ Caf Opera, Sthlm” Mix
Original takedown notice, reuploaded 6:20
Adding to the variety of mix types – here’s one that was recorded live in a club. According to Ilir, it has been taken down three separate times from his account.


Have a DJ Mix That Was Taken Down?

We want to upload it on our Soundcloud account to find out how this new policy works. As an added bonus, we’ll post it in this article, allowing everyone to see if it stays up.

To get involved, send an email to mixes (at) djtechtools (dot) com:

  • with a link to the original mix file, uploaded to dropbox / google drive / similar
  • ideally include a screenshot of the takedown notice (email or in Soundcloud’s messages)
  • send along your artist name, tracklist, and mix description as well!

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