Serato Nov 9, 2016


Mastering is the process of polishing your raw recording into a dynamic, loud and high quality professionally sounding audio product. The LANDR DJ App offers an instant mastering tool allowing your recording to sound good on a wide array of speakers, not just your personal setup.

LANDR is now offering unlimited HD WAVs (24 bits) within the LANDR Pro Yearly subscription - for no extra charge. 

To celebrate this great news, Serato is exclusively offering users 20% off on the LANDR Pro Yearly subscription ( + 2 free WAVs for all new users) from today until November 15th.

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There's also a new and improved engine in the LANDR DJ App. Here's a summary of the new features:

  • Automatic segmentation of individual tracks from the dj set
  • Each track individually analyzed and production decisions determined
  • Each track's production optimized according to dj set as a whole
  • Seamlessly recombined and rendered

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