DJTechTools Oct 14, 2016

We have published a lot of amazing “How I Play” videos over the years here on DJTechTools with artists including DubFire, Stimming, ChrisLeibing, Kink and many others. One of the most common requests has been to do one withwith Richie Hawtin. If you’ve seen this techno master on tour and wondered what DJ gear he uses, this video is a good overview. Check out the detailed interview with the founder of Minus and Plus 8after the jump.

Richie Hawtin: How I Play / Model 1 Mixer

The How I Playinterview goes into depth on his setup, but admittedly is a bit focused on his new mixer called the Model 1. If DJTThad cut this interview, we would have gone into a little more depth on other parts of the rig, but the 12 minutes are rich with insights that fits a proper “How I Play” format. Enjoy!

Germany readers: This video is blocked (thanks, GEMA). Get around it with this YouTube proxy tool.

Shot in the appropriately chic black and white aesthetic, this particular How I Playwith Hawtinis heavy on the mixer elements, demonstrating how he users filters and EQs to meld sounds together. We really liked the detailed examples of his mixing style which layers percussion, and at times, competing melody lines. The usual controllers were on display for those wondering what DJgear he uses:

Still want more techno and clap fills? Check out this great interview we did earlier thisyear on the CNTRL Tour with Richie Hawtin on his mixer and his live playing style:

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