DJTechTools Dec 11, 2015
We?ve always tried to think of DJ Techtools as a modern incarnation of the culture found in record stores. A place to share music, learn about new gear, and generally be inspired. One thing that you’d always find plenty of at these stores were free DJ stickers – usually by the cash register, near the entrance, and plastered all over any number of doors, walls, counters. DJs love stickers – both having them and sharing them. Today kicks off the

Trade In Your DJ Stickers

Today we?re announcing DJTT sticker month – where we take on the roll of the record store front counter and hook you up with a way to share and get stickers from other DJs.

Here?s how it works:
  1. You send in an envelope to DJTT
    • address it to: DJTT Sticker Exchange, 200 Valley Dr STE 14, Brisbane, CA 94005
    • include either 5 or 10 (no other numbers please) of new stickers
    • also include a self-addressed, self-stamped envelope (enough postage to get it back to you, please)
  2. We receive the stickers and share them with 5 or 10 other members of the sticker swap (and keep one for DJTT!)
  3. We fill your envelope with either 5 or 10 stickers (including a DJTT one) and stick it in the mail to you!
  4. Everyone gets neat DJ stickers for the price of two stamps and two envelopes!

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Don?t Have DJ Stickers?

We know that not everyone has their own DJ stickers – but might want some just to be a part of this awesome trade month. We?ve teamed up with Sticker Mule to get every DJTT reader a great deal on new stickers.
Get 50 custom die cut stickers for $39 on Sticker Mule – order by Dec 23rd to get this deal. 
If you need a design idea, try checking out this post on the basic elements of great DJ logo design.
Header photo credit: user DYM on DJForums

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